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About Me

My Story

My name is Linda Torres.  As a cancer patient I understand the emotional and financial struggles of the illness. 

Right after radiation treatments I started working with skulls as a spiritual and healing journey.   How?  To my eyes, cancer was a blessing.  My old self died.  After this beautiful and humbling experience I saw a beautiful new self emerge.  My intent was to bring back every skull to life.  Beautiful, elegant, mesmerizing like every soul that overcomes darkness and metamorphize takes place.  

I have founded CALAVERAS for the purpose of helping myself continue my treatments in lieu of gofundme fundraisers.  A portion of all sales are donated to CALAVERAS foundation that help cancer victims start their own small business.  Your business is greatly appreciated and serves a good cause.

How I got started

I started to see beauty and art everywhere.  I believe that my near death experience after one of my surgeries triggered an unstoppable bliss to create art.  Specifically in skulls that traditionally represents death and immortalize it with beauty and grace. 

My style

I believe that CALAVERAS artistically designed styles can fit any home from Southern, Western decor, Urban, Contemporary and Uptown wall decor.  I combine all elements of nature: leather, stones, crystals, French moldings, indigenous feathers, and semi-precious stones to create beautiful wall art..


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